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3 Stars
Didn't solve my problems
April 1, 2016
I got this keyboard so I could "tent" it 90 degrees. It turns out that the keys at that angle are not comfortable to reach, so I end up using it flat. I'm not sure that being able to separate the 2 sides helps my shoulder pain, but I do like the copy/paste keys. Overall, I prefer my microsoft natural touch keyboard.

Natick, MA
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Get this keyboard
February 26, 2016
So if you are attracted by the concept of a true split keyboard and you were attracted by the picture of having a 90 degree angle, you know that you need this. Yes, the base is not included and yes, the base is expensive and yes, if you are here, you know that you need this. This is the first time I have ever had a keyboard at shoulder width. It is going to be as good as you think it is. No more hunching over. Also, the base is $179. It is extremely well crafted and heavy. The weight is important. It doesn't move when you type. Also, it is possibly the only thing on the market that comes close to doing what this board does. So is about 350 for a keyboard expensive? Oh hell yes it is but if you need it, you know that you need this product. Also, they are serious when they say to get the extra long attachment cord. They shouldn't actually sell the short connected keyboard with the base. I am a software egineer and have used split keyboards to relieve tendinitis and muscle strain. I loved the goldtouch but tension split keyboards break at the tension mechanism. The mounting bracket is exactly what I would be looking for. It is more stable than using books or the like and I cannot recommend this product enough.
A keyboard actually at shoulder width. Very well build. Easy to type.
The extra mounting bracket is the only reason to buy this keyboard and it is expensive.

New York City
3 Stars
Critique of the design - I don't own this
August 7, 2015
I know not many people touch-type the numbers (above the top row of letters, not the number keypad), but if you've been trained to touch type the "correct" way, you use your right index finger for the number 6. But it's on the left side. OK, nobody cares! But I had to get that out there.

Graeme Swallow
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Can't Beat the Price/Quality/Comfort Combo
March 4, 2015
I owned an original Freestyle keyboard. After 7 years of consistent 50hr/week use as a software engineer, it finally stopped transmitting keystrokes. I had no hesitation in immediately purchasing the Freestyle2 to replace it. The most obvious thing going for this keyboard is the ability to separate the two halves. This means you can place them at the width of your own shoulders and in line with the angle of your arms, keeping a straight line from your elbows to the far side of the keyboard. No more wrist contortion to type directly in front of your body. While this looks kind of freaky, it took me only a couple of hours to get used to. The not-so-obvious benefit is to buy the VIP3 package. This allows you to tent the keyboard by as much as 15 degrees. Having your wrists turned outward is a much more natural position than laying flat. I cannot recommend this option enough. I would have given the original Freestyle 5 stars as well, but the Freestyle2 does make some improvements over the original product: 1. The keyboard is thinner 2. The keys are quieter and require a little less effort to press 3. My original Freestyle would not be recognized by my computer on power-up. I always had to unplug it and then plug it back in. This problem has been fixed with the Freestyle2. Bottom line? BUY IT!
Shoulder-width spacing, outward tilt, low force keys
If any, it would be the placement of some of the navigation keys (home, end, pg up, pg dn, backspace, delete) to maintain the same dimensions for each half of the keyboard. I still can't quite get used to it after using the keyboard for 7+ years, but it's a minor annoyance compared to all the benefits.

United States
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Keyboard, VIP3, Numeric Keypad, Logitech touchpad
January 16, 2015
Great keyboard. Very versatile with VIP3 accessory. Worth the $150 bucks if you're having wrist, arm, shoulder problems....I feel like I can finally expand my chest and not be a hunched-over troll any longer! lol Usage: technical writer: lots of typing, scrolling and number entering Keyboard setup: Split 5.5" at top and 8.5" at bottom, VIP3 set at 10-15 degrees, touchpad elevated in-between keyboard halves, numeric to right of keyboard (right -handed), second arm rest 2" down from keyboard and extending across width Thoughts: Keyboard Allows you to re-arrange as your typing day gets long. If you're a touch-typist, its easy to get used to. Reach to number keys is a bit far for small hands like mine. Probably not much different than a normal keyboard, but I was used to a laptop keyboard. Keys on left side weren't that useful to me for the first month because I was used to Cntl-key commands anyhow. I'm starting to like the cut/del/copy/paste sequence. I have no use for the web sequence. I wonder if keys on left side can be re-programmed....that would be a great advantage! VIP3 VIP3 is a necessity for me. My arms naturally want to angle when I type; VIP3 provides the necessary elevation. I added an arm rest for my forearms to get the correct wrist height for typing. Would be great if there was an armrest available that is about 20" long. Numeric keypad Numeric keypad is a necessity in my line of work. It has a nice profile and functions well. It would be nice if it was integral to the keyboard so I could slide my wrist along the palm rest to access the keys. I do find myself hitting the '0' key for 'Enter' often because it lacks its own 'Enter' key. Touchpad Touchpad is a necessity for me also. I can no longer handle mouses...mice. It needs to be elevated to the height of the keyboard and easily accessible, ie in between the two halves works out perfectly.
No more pain. Great with VIP3 accessory. Provides me with necessary space to un-troll my posture. (Sorry, too much scyfy lately.) My dream: this keyboard made in a version for smaller hands, integrated numeric keypad with 'Enter' bar across the bottom. (Laptop keys are the right size.) Hopefully there is enough of a market.
Small hands: note...not a con in and of itself for me, however: Keyboard keys not as close or as soft touch as my laptop, but softer touch than normal keyboard. Don't let that keep you from buying this, however.

Martha M.
Roanoke, VA
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Love this keyboard.
November 19, 2014
Keeps my shoulder muscles from cramping since I can adjust the width of the keyboard.

5 Stars
Great keyboard!
April 20, 2014
Love this keyboard!... Nice, fluid keys. I like the moveable split design. Helps me with my wrist/elbow pain issues. My husband prefers to move the two sides together to make a "regular" keyboard, as he calls it. So its flexible for both of us. Thank you for offering this keyboard to us!

5 Stars
I Got the FreeStyle 2
January 27, 2014
I was undecided in the beginning to spend 150.00 on a keyboard. But after i reading reviews and watch some videos i said lest try. since the time i order the keyboard and the time i receive in my office took only 4 days. Now is been a month since i start using it and i have 3 worlds I LOVE IT.

Victor F
5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle2 with VIP3
December 11, 2013
Been using this keyboard for two months now and it's a LOT MORE comfortable than clones of the old MS Natural keyboard. VIP3 accessory is a must! The keys indeed require less pressure to work as advertised. You will notice the difference when using standard keyboards. What I didn't like: - Those mostly useless buttons on the left side (Back, Forward, Copy, etc) make it harder to touch type in the beginning but I got more used to them. - Position of Esc, Delete, Home, End, PgUp and PgDown is not great and takes some time to get used to. But it's understandable since they were aiming for a small factor keyboard.

Morten Brodersen
5 Stars
This keyboard saved my career
November 26, 2013
Years ago my wrists starting hurting so badly that I seriously had to consider whether I could continue my career as a software developer. A career that I loved. I purchased a number of keyboards that didn't work and was starting to give up hope. Until I found the one keyboard that did worked: the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard. I am still using it today and every day many years later. It saved my career. What can I say?

5 Stars
Better than I imagined
October 14, 2013
I got this keyboard after a painful bout with tendinitis in my wrist. When the doctor said it could be from typing on a standard keyboard, I spent a lot of time researching different options on ergonomic keyboards. I had actually used ergonomic keyboards before, but was spending more time on my laptop than previously. The other keyboards were okay, but this one is the best! I love the option of moving the halves apart until they feel right for my body type. I also got the package with the wrist rests (I recommend them) and the adjustable legs. I don't use the adjustable legs as much as I thought I would, finding that simply being able to spread the keyboard apart has helped immensely with my healing process. Yet once in awhile I change it up by arranging the keyboard in a "tent' position. I just love having options. I also appreciate the affordability offered by The Human Solution, and the free shipping.

5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle2 Adjustable Split Keyboard for Mac
May 2, 2013
First time to use an ergonomic keyboard and I am so impressed. So intuitive and easier to adjust to than I expected. Very comfortable. And economical!

5 Stars
Best ergonomic keyboard ever
January 27, 2013
I purchased a Freestyle for work ( I'm a programmer ) and am now purchasing a 2nd one for use at home. Although this keyboard takes about a week to get used to the positioning of the keys, once you do, you'll never want to go back to a standard keyboard. The Freestyle is compatible with both Windows and Linux which is a big deal to me as I use both operating systems.

5 Stars
Kinessss Freesyle 2 Split Keyboard with VIP Accessory
November 23, 2012
Wonderful keyboard that allowed me to continue working after breaking both of my wrists as it conformed to where I could reach. This is the most comfortable keyboard I've ever had in forty years of using them. Be sure to get the VIP option; without it the keyboard would not have been nearly as functional.

Michael R
5 Stars
Best keyboard ever
November 18, 2012
Much more comfortable than Microsoft Natural. Low pressure keys. Easier to get used to than expected. I take it with me when traveling or spending the day at a coworking space, since it folds compactly. Big delete key and clever number pad toggle, although dedicated 10-key is better.

5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle2 Split Keyborad
September 29, 2012
I am very happy with this keyboard. My hands were hurting from my previous keyboard. Now they no longer hurt. The action on the keys is very light, and I was able to keep playing with the position (angle, width) until I found a really comfortable set up.

5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle 2 Adjustable Split Keyboard
September 20, 2012
It is FABULOUS! I used the old Microsoft style of the "ergo" keyboard for years. It was fine until I discovered this one. It is so easy to adjust to and actually makes typing fun!! Highly recommend to all.

Martin Blaine
5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle2
July 26, 2012
It's simply the best keyboard out there, unless you get up in the $350 range for one of their professional models. I've used many, many keyboards. I had a Datahand at one point. I was still using an Acer from the 90's when I got this. Nothing beats this keyboard. It's got the lightest touch you'll find. But you must get the VIP accessory kit. Yeah, it's 40 bucks, but it's essential to getting your arms in the right position.

5 Stars
Worth the Money
June 27, 2012
The keyboard is fantastic. I find myself changing the position throughout the day and my workweek. I bought the adapter, and while it is expensive, it is worth it for the quality that you get. It provides additional angles for the keyboard and increases the flexibility of positions for your hands and wrists.

Leonard L. Thompson
5 Stars
Split keyboard
March 11, 2012
To split the keyboard was a great idea for those of us who spend a lot of time at the computer typing. You have made the Kinesis Freestyle even more comfortable by providing the many adjustments that can be made to it. Thank you.

5 Stars
HIGHLY recommend
January 25, 2012
This is THE keyboard. I did not get the accessories, but the keyboard alone is very comfortable. Each arm can rest on the armrest of my chair and comfortably access their portion of the keyboard. Being able to adjust the width eliminated the need to adjust the rotation. As a laptop user, there is a bonus... unlike the giant ergonomic keyboards, the two halves can be stacked back-to-back, and easily carried along with my laptop. One other tip: I am using the freeware Key Tweak to reassign the Caps Lock button to serve as a backspace button -- to offload some of the work from my right hand, which is the one that was getting sore. I have also reassigned the right Alt key to be the End key, because I can access it without looking. I can't see how anyone could regret buying this keyboard, even if you don't need the ergonomics feature, the keystroke feels good, and the extra keys on the left (e.g. copy, paste, delete) make it very user friendly.

5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard
January 18, 2012
I did a lot of homework researching different options. My experience is that of being invariably underwhelmed by technology products. Not here. This keyboard is more than promised in quality and performance. Solid construction (not flimsy), several adjustment options, easy to set-up, comfortable to use, and keys that respond crisply. Add to that first-class customer service. Well done!

Anton Beloglazov
5 Stars
Great product and service!
January 12, 2012
I'm still getting used to the keyboard, but the service of The Human Solution is top-notch!

4 Stars
Good product, but not the solution to problems
December 16, 2011
I do like the keyboard (bought with Ascent accessory) and it's adjustability. I like the light action of the keys which is an improvement over other keyboards I've used. However, I don't think a straight up and down (neutral handshake position for the hands) is realistic with the arrow keys and page up and page down keys being located where they are. And, when the keyboard is adjusted at a high angle, you really must know how to touch type well!! Keep in mind that the keyboard is only one part of solving repetitive stress issues. But overall, I do give it a good rating. Well made.

Liralen Li
5 Stars
Love the action of the keyboard
December 15, 2011
I used to use the equivalent of the Kinesis Advantage, the well keyboard, for work; however, buying one of those for my home machine proved to be a bit too expensive, but I loved the key action on the Advantage. So I bought this in the hopes that it would have the same manufacturing, and it did! I love the light responsive key action on this keyboard, even without the splitting ability, complete customization of the distance between hands, or additional angle that the VIP supports give. And the price, in comparison to the Advantage, is really really good.

4 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle
September 17, 2011
Very pleased with this keyboard and the VIP accessory. It is very much what I was hoping for. There are, as with any new keyboard with some changed keys, a few things it takes time to get used to, but the mostly the layout works very well and I seem to have gotten up to speed with it quite quickly. The quality of the build seems to be very good so I am hopeful it will last well. About the only complaint is that I would have liked it to be cordless (but of course I knew that and chose to buy it anyway).

3 Stars
Not sure yet...
August 1, 2011
I loved my old Pace adjustable split keyboard. I've had the kinesis for a few weeks now and... not sure. I still have pain from tendonitis / repetitive stress injury, which I never had with the Pace. I purchased the VIP kit, which does help. Perhaps I just haven't yet gotten the logistics right and I'll see the results soon. A few quibbles: The function key is in the wrong place. I constantly press it when I'm looking for the control key. The escape key also isn't in the right place. I keep hitting F1 by accident and having the help screen come up. Pluses: The split is good, the feel of the keys is good, and the manuverability of the keyboard is excellent.

5 Stars
June 21, 2011
i got this keyboard and i have been battling i mean battling bi cubital tunnel syndrome, it has changed my work life greatly i wont use anything else unless i have to, great product for the money, 1 drawback it needs a keypad that is installed just as ergonomically functional, possibly in the middle, also could use an enter key on each hemisphere of the keyboard, but like i said for the price i couldn't be happier, this product and site was recommended to me by a 20 year C++ programmer, so don't just take my word for it, takes some time to learn how to use but not that long, totally worth it, invest in yourself and do yourself a favor or you may be battling carpel tunnel or even worse bi cub-ital tunnel syndromes, i am a java and c++ programmer and i use comps easily 8 - 16 hrs a day and what a game changer, thanks kinesis, they should be giving people these keyboards standard when they purchase any computer its a shame.

Cheryl Newbanks
5 Stars
Very Nice Feel
June 13, 2011
All in all I am very happy with the Kinesis Freestyle. For the money it's outstanding in its class. The keys feel great, not too stiff at all with just the lightest of touch doing the job. The layout is okay for a split keyboard, but I bought a keyboard remapper and deactivated the delete key just above the backspace key because I was always hitting the wrong key, frustrating for a medical transcriptionist. I also bought a number keypad because I missed having one attached. Once I did that I totally fell in love with the keyboard! It is by far the best keyboard I have ever used and I feel if I had used this keyboard 20+ years ago when I started production typing my hands would be in much better shape today. Even so, my hands feel so much better now and this keyboard totally cured the tendinitis I was starting to get in two fingers of one hand, thank goodness for that and thanks to Kinesis!

Steven S
5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle 8" w/VIP
June 8, 2011
I can't believe I used a normal keyboard for so long. My fingers have had to re-learn a bit with this keyboard, but that's usually the case when switching keyboards. I like the VIP accessory, and I'm happy I purchased it along with the keyboard. I go between the two settings with some regularity in order to exercise my wrists a bit. The sound of the key presses is great too, it gives me a warm feeling inside just to hear it. In terms of negatives, it would be nice if the lettering on the keys was higher quality, although it's definitely better than most keyboards. I just foresee the letters wearing off after a few hundred hours of use. I'd definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone. It's costly, but the price is definitely worth reducing the long-term damage to your wrists. Plus, it's just a nice keyboard. This layout should be universal, keypads mostly take up space.

Tom B
5 Stars
This is a great keyboard
June 6, 2011
I really like the ability to move the two halves of the keyboard independently. The key force is really nice. It's a well made product.

Keith Osborne
5 Stars
Kinesis FreeStyle
April 27, 2011
A very flexible input device that allows me to set it up in multiple configurations.

5 Stars
Great product
October 31, 2010
Great product. Saved my hands.

5 Stars
Best keyboard I have found
September 24, 2010
I experimented several keyboards before this one for a replacement of regular one's. Before this I have been using the Microsoft Sidewinder, which I liked because I could throw away the numpad (which is mostly useless), and that keyboard allowed to move it to the left side (which is more natural than usual. Then I tried other Microsoft ergonomic keyboards by didn't like them (too big). Then I tried the Kinesis Advantage, but I thought the learning curve was too long, and it was too radical for me, but I do know that it is the favorite of many. As a programmer I like real sized function keys which are mostly used by editors for debugging commands. That was a disadvantage with the Advantage version. Then I finally tried the Freestyle and have been using one at office and one at home since mid 2009. The benefits simply are: a) Usual key placements, not too radical, the Home/end, page up/page down are a bit mangled not like many others or most laptops, b) Does not have the numpad, I can keep the mouse to my right as close as possible, c) I can split it to place my hands more naturally, in my case it only needs a little split, but that makes significant difference. d) reasonably priced.

5 Stars
I like it!
September 7, 2010
I have found it easy to adjust to the split keyboard. I really appreciate the soft touch too. It's nice to be able to change the angle and height of the keyboard. I had tried out several keyboards before purchasing one because I was experiencing problems with my wrists. Kinesis Freestyle was, and is, the winner!

Kim H.
5 Stars
A transcriber's dream!
June 18, 2010
I wasn't sure about spending so much money on a keyboard but this one is worth it's weight in gold. It's like typing on a cloud. I've tried a lot of other keyboards, a wave keyboard, a "split keyboard" which is merely slightly angled keys, but none can compare to the Freestyle. It has found a permanent home on my desk.

3 Stars
Keypad placement
June 15, 2010
I am a medical transcriptionist who wore out 2 of the Kinesis Evolution keyboards. The Freestyle is GREAT for keying with the exception of the toggle keypad (ISH!) and the changing of the position of the DEL (etc.) keys. Long learning curve after so many years on the other style keyboards.

5 Stars
Best ergo keyboard ever
May 16, 2010
The adjustable split design makes this keyboard wonderfully versatile. Of all the ergo keyboards I've used, this is the best. My only complaint is that the VIP accessory kit, without which there is no tilt, should be sold as part of the keyboard, rather than as an extra.

Denise K.
5 Stars
Freestyle is great.
March 19, 2010
I purchased the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard in the hopes that I'd be able to continue to work following a wrist injury, and it was the right decision. The removable pivot allows for as little or as much separation as needed. I purchased the VIP accessory kit with the keyboard, and these gave more options for tilt, and a comfortable wrist rest. The layout takes a little getting used to, and if you use a numerical pad a lot this might not be the keyboard for you. However, I was up and typing text in minutes after opening the box. Once you get going, it's so comfortable you don't even notice the separation or tilt. The touch of the keys is nice...not too clicky or bouncy. I recommend this keyboard highly, and even purchased a second Freestyle for home use, and I'll continue using it long after the wrist injury has healed.

Robert Redick
3 Stars
nice ergonomics, poor key quality
February 24, 2010
I returned this keyboard because of the latter. Really awful tactile feedback, I'm sorry to say. Ended up with a non-ergonomic Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, and there's simply no comparison. I've used many ergo and non-ergo keyboards; the Kinesis was simply unacceptable. But your service was top notch!

4 Stars
Kinesis FreeStyle Keyboard
January 2, 2010
Since I begun using the Freestyle keyboard, I've been able to review the carpal tunnel gloves I was wearing. I liked it so much, I've ordered a 2nd keyboard. Being able to spread my hands further apart has definitely made a difference. I takes a little while to get used to the difference in the keyboard layout. But I'm adapting. Good feel to the keys. I'm just waiting for a sale to take advantage of the VIP kit.

Kevin Stock
4 Stars
Relieves pain
December 21, 2009
Overall, an excellent design. I purchased this to alleviate "tennis elbow" which was developing due to keyboarding. My only complaints are that the number 6 is on the left half instead of the right, and the numbers key pad is priced too high.

4 Stars
Learning to love it
December 4, 2009
Using this keyboard has significantly reduced my wrist and shoulder pain. I love being able to reposition the keyboard at will, which helps to prevent RSI in the same way that switching keyboards throughout the day does. I also really like the key action, which is light but springy, and the keys are clicky but not so loud as to annoy my coworkers. I find the position of the delete key to be very awkward, though, and I wish the keyboard would have more height and tilt options without having to buy separate accessories. For those reasons I took off one star. Still, I find this to be a very nice keyboard once you adapt to the different key locations and lack of number pad.

Brent Nelson
5 Stars
Excellent keyboard, very configurable position
November 19, 2009
I got the Kinesis Freestyle mainly in hopes that I could use it with the RollerMouse Free. I found that the VIP accessory kit with the wristpads attached enables me to tilt the keyboard halves up sufficiently to clear the roller sleeve on the RollerMouse Free. I leave the pivot tether in place and spread the keyboard halves apart about six inches, as measured at the inner corners of the wristpads. This works well and feels very comfortable. See my review of the RollerMouse Free for more gory details. The Freestyle is very solid and high quality. The keys are nice and clicky, so you have good tactile feedback. Great product.

4 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle for an European
October 31, 2009
Best keyboard I've ever had. But you should always buy it with one of the inclining acessories option. As a downside, it should have as an option the most common language keyboard layouts. It's a pity I've gained in ergonomics to lose on the layout experience since english is not the native language in my country. PS: The Human Solution should open a Europe branch to avoid Customs bureaucracy and allow EU citizens to buy it's products not only securely but faster.

5 Stars
The Most Comfortable Keyboard I've Used
October 10, 2009
The great thing about the Freestyle is that apart from the style, it is the same as any other keyboard. I've tried other models like the GoldTouch, but most of them rearrange the keys, which can be very frustrating when all you want is a more comfortable keyboard. The keys are similar to the old IBM keyboards, with spring resistance and an audible click. If you're used to a Microsoft Natural Keyboard you may find yourself hitting the keys too hard for a while.

5 Stars
Great Keyboard
September 23, 2009
I had been looking for a full size keyboard without numeric keypad, and I came down to Goldtouch and Kinesis, and I chose Kinesis, since I had seen a coworker use a different model from Kinesis, and he recommended it. I love placing my mouse right next to the keyboard where the numeric keypad would be, since I don't have to spread my arm outward, which started to hurt my shoulder muscles a bit. The keyboard is built really well, and it looks very nice. I also purchased the V3 Accessory Kit.

enid dardanelles
5 Stars
big improvement
August 21, 2009
bought with VIP addition ... After a week of using this keyboard, the pain in my fingers almost disappeared. (I have a laptop.) The one drawback is that the laptop screen now sits far away from my eyes, so I'll have to buy a new screen ... but for the hands, this keyboard has made all the difference.

5 Stars
August 20, 2009
It is just what I needed for my aching joints--has made a lot of difference on my shoulders, elbows, wrists. Well worth the money

5 Stars
Best keyboard I've used!
July 17, 2009
I bought this keyboard as a replacement for my old Microsoft Natural keyboard. What a quality product! I have been a medical transcriptionist for ten years, and I wish I had been using this keyboard all along. It is cleverly designed and very comfortable for my small hands; also, the two spacebars are a great improvement over other ergonomic keyboards with only one spacebar. The keys have a soft, responsive touch. This well made product is really worth the money and then some.

5 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle Split Kybd
June 26, 2009
I really like this keyboard. I can spread the two sections apart the same width my elbows are when at rest beside my torso - a much more comfortable position.

5 Stars
Great Keyboard
June 19, 2009
I bought the Freestyle keyboard along with the VIP Accessory. They keyboard is very will built, high quality materials. The keys feel very solid have just the right amount of resistance for me. I'm very happy with the adjustability too.

Dan Ferreira
5 Stars
Just what I wanted
June 6, 2009
Pros: - The keys are very soft to the touch, being a great deal less of a strain on my RSI busted hands, LOVED IT. - The materials feel great and robust, including accessories, good quality manufacturing. - I LOVE the split keyboard concept and positioning accessories (I recommend the VIP). Changing the angles and distances is real easy and that'll probably help spread out and lessen my RSI over time. Cons: I've been a touch typist since I learned to use the DVORAK layout. Unfortunately, the driverless keys on the left side can't be reprogrammed and don't work with DVORAK (i.e., the Cut key, instead of sending out Ctrl X, send out Ctrl Q, Paste's Ctrl V becomes Ctrl K, and the Search button sends out Win U, which opens up Windows' Utility Manager instead). I wish I knew about this beforehand, but I'd probably buy the keyboard anyway. :-) Also, the different positioning of Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete and Insert keys is still taking me a while to get used to, but I will get there eventually.

4 Stars
Great ergonomics, not so good extras
May 24, 2009
I really like this keyboard. Using the V3 t adjust it to the height I like was very nice. And the split feature allowing you to place it wider was great. Minuses: extra keys lacked quite a bit. Having no media keys and not allowing the keys to be re-programmed.

5 Stars
Best ergonomic keyboard
May 3, 2009
I have tried various ergonomic keyboards and never found one that was comfortable for me. This particular keyboard can be adjusted in so many different was that I was able to find the right position to relieve my forearm pain and yet still type at my regular pace. I highly recommend this keyboard.

Dave Peterson
4 Stars
Kinesis Freestyle Adjustable Split Keyboard
April 8, 2009
Very nice. My only wish is that you sold a version with a cable separating the two keyboard halves that is even greater than 20 inches (36 inches would be nice). Better yet, you could have a short cable with a connector in the middle that pulls apart, allowing the user to add an optional extension cable. You could then sell different lengths of extension cable as accessories.

5 Stars
Great Keyboard
April 6, 2009
I also am a medical transcriptionist and I really noticed an increase in my productivity. I really like the separate keypad and I strongly recommend the 20 in. well worth the extra $$

5 Stars
April 1, 2009
As a medical transcriptionist, this is by far the best keyboard. I've been using Microsoft's ergonomic keyboards and this one beats them hands down. Might be a little more convenient to have a separate number key pad and also the keys on the left side of the board are too easy to hit accidentally but I devised a way of covering them to keep them out of the way. Only real downside is the cost.

5 Stars
Great solution
March 30, 2009
I design web sites all day. This definitely helped alleviate wrist and arm fatigue/pain. Although a bit overpriced for a plastic keyboard, I will ALWAYS work with one of these from now on.

Todd Gleason
4 Stars
great keyboard
February 22, 2009
Very comfortable keys, perhaps the best I've used. I recommend the V3 accessory kit, though if you use it with a RollerMouse, the RollerMouse's uneven base won't accommodate this keyboard and V3 so well. If you line the base with an 8" x 20" piece of hardboard (as is used for clipboards) it is fine. If you use the external keypad you might need an extra 1/2"-1" and it would stick out over the RollerMouse. The only caveat I have is that the tight arrangement of the arrow, Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys is non-intuitive and is taking me some time to get used to.

5 Stars
Excellent keyboard
February 17, 2009
The keyboard is everything people say it is, exactly as described. I bought this with the VIP kit and was worried a little bit about bounciness, but there is no bounce at all. I really appreciate the ability to adjust the splay and height, but I realize I pretty much keep it fixed at 10 degrees. In any case, this is an excellent keyboard. It takes a little getting used to but once you do, it's fantastic.

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